8 Session Monthly Package

The intention here is two fold: first to be able to offer a short 5 minute treatment session for those people that have something small that only needs minimal treatment (like you tweaked your wrist lifting a weight, or your ankle needs to be mobilized, etc); second to be able to give relief to those people that wake up with a sudden onset of pain and the schedule is too full for a longer appointment. Those people can come in during open adjusting hours to get some relief until a longer visit can be booked.

Recurring Amount $179.00
Rebills Every month unless you cancel
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Treatments are delivered first come first serve, and time will not be extended (10-12 person max) You may come to as many open adjusting sessions as you want (subject to package terms) additional fees may apply Open adjusting is ONLY AVAILABLE TO CURRENT CLIENTS/PATIENTS Only one chief complaint may be treated per session

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